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Company Luxurious Furs was founded by Dimas and Morelo in 1860 in Kastoria (Greece)

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Company Luxurious Furs

Luxurious Furs was founded by Dimas and Morelo in 1860 in Kastoria, Greece, a region with a long history and a proven track record in the international fur market.

Having started as a traditional family workshop, the company quickly established its position in the fur market as modern and competitive.

In 2004, Davor Dolenc opened the eponymous Luxurious Furs store in Crete. Davor has inspired the brand for creative renewals with his many years of experience with furs. Now the company's motto is to preserve the traditions of the past, but not one step behind the present.

Creating fur fashion is not easy, but interesting - every year Davor visits international exhibitions in Athens, Milan, Istanbul, so that the most current models appear in Luxurious Furs.

The principles of our company: the client is always right, we are not afraid to take risks and always choose the best partners, from skins (only auction furs) to lining and accessories (only made in Italy).

Therefore, each fur coat in our store is created with attention and love for the consumer.

Dreams of the perfect fur coat come true here! - Luxurious Furs.

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luxurious furs

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Transfer from the hotel to our store and back. No purchase obligation!

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To make your new fur coat fit you perfectly, we will adjust the length of the bottom and sleeves of the product.

Storage for free

If you do not want to keep the purchased fur coat at the hotel, we will keep it and give it to you on the day of your departure.

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