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Kastoria (Greece), where is it and what are the advantages?

There is a mountain town in northwestern Greece - Kastoria, where the «Luxurious Furs» fur factory is located, which is considered one of the leading centers in Europe for the production of fur products. Today there are several versions of how the Greek fur coat production appeared. Some scholars argue that the manufacture of fur products, in particular fur coats in Kastoria, begins in the Byzantine period due to the huge demand of the aristocracy for fur products. According to another version, the inhabitants of this city possessed some secrets of furrier's skill since ancient times, because a large population of beavers lived in one lake. The need for warm and beautiful clothing to protect against the harsh continental cold climate has led to the production of animal skins with thick fur.

Most historians are of the opinion that the production of fur coats and fur products was brought there by Spanish Jews who settled in this city at the end of the 15th century. From that moment on, the demand for furs grew rapidly, as the fur coat served as protection from the cold winter, and was also an expression of the social welfare of the wearer of the product. The furriers of the city of Kastoria began importing raw fur, in order to then supply finished products to all regions of Europe. By the beginning of the 18th century, a fur coat had already conquered the whole civilized world and took its place at the level of obligation in women's and men's fashion. By this time, fur was seen as an essential element of style.

The production of fur coats is a rather complicated and time-consuming job of a master. Before the advent of modern technology, fur coats were sewn only by hand. All the skins were sewn with their hands, the craftsmen did it so skillfully that the method of their sewing even resembled an unusual embroidery. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the first machine was brought into Kastoria for sewing animal skins, and so mechanization was established in the fur industry. In 1950, fur production rapidly developed in the city of Kastorje and in all its districts. In Europe, they immediately began to breed mink on farms, and in Kastoria, experienced fur masters in the world have developed a way to dissolve mink skins, which gives any product the most extraordinary flying look. Therefore, this region has become the most important international center for the processing of furs.

Raw materials for most of the fur factories in Kastoria are purchased at Argentinean, Canadian and Scandinavian fur auctions. Fur products are famous all over the world today, and all thanks to the high quality of products. Each fur garment that is created in Kastoria looks like a work of high quality craftsmanship and inspiration. Over the past year, the city has become widely known far beyond the borders of Greece. Today there is the largest International European Exhibition Center for all fur products. Every year, experienced Greek craftsmen create unique and new collections of fur products, from classic to avant-garde models, in accordance with very high requirements, as well as the requests of numerous clients.

In the salon «Luxurious Furs» is presented for you the richest selection of various fur products, which are made in accordance with all the new trends in modern world fashion. Our craftsmen use the most modern technologies in production with the use of sewing age-old traditions, and due to which any model of fur looks unique and unique.

We are waiting for you in our fur salon «Luxurious Furs»!

How to store and care fur coat?

Congratulations on choosing a product from the «Luxurious Furs» brand. We ask you to comply with international fur care requirements to extend the life of your garment.

  • Store the product on a special hanger with wide shoulders so that the sleeves do not deform.
  • Do not wash or soak the fur in water.
  • Do not dry clean the fur. It is not necessary to iron the fur and lining with an iron.
  • Keep away from fire and away from heating appliances to keep the skin from drying out.
  • Do not wear the product when it rains.
  • Do not wear heavy accessories on a fur garment.
  • If the product gets wet, let it dry in a cool, well-ventilated area.
  • Do not use insecticide (insect repellent) and mothballs to ward off moths.
  • Never put perfume or eau de toilette on a fur coat - they contain ALCOHOL, which can dry out and thereby ruin the fur.
How to use the 23% tax refund?

In Greece, fur skins and finished fur products are not subject to value added tax (VAT), therefore, for citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS, tax refunds at the border are not carried out, since the cost of a fur coat does not initially include VAT.

For citizens of the Russian Federation, when crossing the Greek customs, the following procedure is provided for exporting a fur coat purchased on vacation.

When checking in for a flight, a representative of our showroom will come up to you and take you to the customs point, where you will need to present a fur coat and a receipt. It takes no more than 5 minutes in time. This check is carried out to control our company for the sale of fur products.

What if the fur coat is too big?

The easiest way out is to sell. There is only one minus here - selling a fur coat for the same price for which you purchased it is unlikely to work. «Luxurious Furs» has a service for the sale of fur coats, all the details can be clarified by phone (Whatsapp, Telegram) +30 697-726-2704.

If the fur coat is not too big, you can try to get a beautiful belt. Our showroom will help you - we have a very large selection of leather belts that are designed specifically for fur products.

If the belt did not help you, but it is a pity to sell, then in this case the fur coat has a direct road to the fur atelier. Be prepared to answer the following questions: in what conditions the fur coat was stored and how often it was worn. Also, the master will need to look at the state of the flesh (the bottom layer of fur) - for this, you will need to rip up the lining. After that, the master will be able to make a verdict whether the fur coat is subject to repair and what is better to carry out - a complete redrawing or partial fitting.

Partial fitting means that there will be no dramatic changes in the fur coat. The cost of rework will depend on the amount of work: if you just need to remove a few centimeters on the sides, then this is one conversation, and completely different, if you need literally millimeter by millimeter to re-display each seam in order for it to fit perfectly.

Speaking about the complete reshaping of the product, it should be understood that the fur product will be completely disassembled into separate pieces. Such painstaking work cannot be cheap by definition, so the price, as a rule, is negotiated individually.

Do you organize a full transfer even if the purchase is not made?

That's right, our company will organize a full transfer, even if the purchase is not made. Book a free trip to our showroom at a convenient day and time for you. If nothing suits you in our store, then our employee can take you to another partner fur coat store or back to the hotel, at your request.

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